Automatisierte Wissenschaft

posted on 2019-07-12

Die Tage ging ja diese Nature-Publikation rum, in der Tshitoyan et al. über Word-Embeddings latentes Wissen aus der bestehenden Literatur der


posted on 2016-07-27

Convert case-based to time-based data This Python library converts case-based to time-based data, which can be used in time series analysis. Usage ``` bash

Minifer for Alfred

posted on 2016-02-28

If you are a web developer, chances are, you stumbled over this piece of software. This minifier removes all unnecessary line breaks, comments and whitespace

Sass Helper for Alfred

posted on 2014-11-26

I just discovered the truly awesome css language extension Sass and as usual I wanted to use it via Alfred App. So I glued together this little workflow: Sass

Video Downloader for Alfred

posted on 2014-09-22

This workflow lets you download videos or just the audio track of a video from YouTube, Vimeo, Vine and many more [^sources] to your computer.

The workflow

Update, Umzug und neues Aussehen

posted on 2014-04-03

Goodbye Tumblr, hello!

Im Zuge meines Umzugs… read more.

ColorClock screensaver

posted on 2014-02-12

Time and color, combined into a screensaver!

This Mac OSX… read more.

How to build your own Memomail

posted on 2013-02-03

If you are fortunate enough, you might already have your twitter archive. And if you set up Tweet Nest on your server, you might enjoy this little php snippet.

This is basically a more usable vers…


posted on 2009-12-03

Hey there Cthulhu……


posted on 2009-11-15

(via fuckyeah4chan)…

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