ColorClock screensaver

posted on 2014-02-12

Time and color, combined into a screensaver!

This Mac OSX… read more.

How to build your own Memomail

posted on 2013-02-03

If you are fortunate enough, you might already have your twitter archive. And if you set up Tweet Nest on your server, you might enjoy this little php snippet.

This is basically a more usable vers…


posted on 2009-12-03

Hey there Cthulhu……


posted on 2009-11-15

(via fuckyeah4chan)…


posted on 2009-09-02

Die formlose Beschreibung aller wichtigen Eckdaten:

Formfaktor: GHCU (Generic Humanoid Carbon Unit) Geboren in der Sekunde 709132500 nach THE EPOCH. Schublade: Freidenker und Indeterminist. Lebe…

Hello world.

posted on 2009-08-24

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