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Convert case-based to time-based data

This Python library converts case-based to time-based data, which can be used in time series analysis.


python timeSeries/timeSeries.py [OPTIONS] [YOUR DATA].csv

The given data must be a csv-file, with either ,or ; as the delimiter.

The options file must contain the following parameters:

  • Start: The variable containing the timestamp stating the beginning of the case
  • End: The variable containing the timestamp stating the the end of the case
  • Delimiter: The delimiter used for input and output csv
  • Duration: The length of the time series in seconds

… and one or more of the following parameters:

  • Variable: The variable to convert
  • Values: The expected values of the variable


  • Python 2.7

Deutsch: Mit dieser Library lassen sich Datensätze, die auf Fallbasis codiert sind in Zeit-basierte Daten umwandeln, mit denen Zeitreihenanalysen durchgeführt werden können. Die Library ist in Python geschrieben und nutzt .csv als Ein- und Ausgabe-Format.

July 27, 2016

Minifer for Alfred


If you are a web developer, chances are, you stumbled over this piece of software. This minifier removes all unnecessary line breaks, comments and whitespace in your CSS or JS code.

To make it even simpler to use, I wrote an Alfred Workflow that minifies any CSS or JavaScript code in your clipboard.

Kudos to Matthias Mullie for creating Minify!

To use Minifer for Alfred, just download and install the Workflow.

Version 1.0:
-initial release

Tags: alfredalfred2cssjavascriptjsminifierminifyworkflow
February 28, 2016

Sass Helper for Alfred

Sass Alfred

I just discovered the truly awesome css language extension Sass and as usual I wanted to use it via Alfred App. So I glued together this little workflow:

Sass Helper

You can either convert the currently selected file in the Finder or paste Sass code to the workflow. Of cause you’ll have to install Sass on your machine to make this work. But that’s super easy.

So, have fun and take care.

Version 1.0:

-initial release

Tags: alfredalfred2csssassworkflow
November 26, 2014

Video Downloader for Alfred

This workflow lets you download videos or just the audio track of a video from YouTube, Vimeo, Vine and many more [1] to your computer.

The workflow uses youtube-dl to download the videos and ffmpeg to extract the audio. Both come bundled with the workflow so there’s no need to install anything else.

You just open Alfred, type…

video-dl (optional: video url)

… to download the video from the currently opened Safari tab or paste the URL to the video. Choose whether you want to download the video or just the audio from the URL and wait for your download to finish.


To install the workflow click the download link and add it to your existing workflows by double clicking the file. After that you’re ready to go, no extra configuration required.


Version 1.1
-bug fixes and new updated version of youtube-dl

Version 1.0
-initial release


1: Full list of supported sites ()

September 22, 2014

Update, Umzug und neues Aussehen



Goodbye Tumblr, hello WordPress.org!

Im Zuge meines Umzugs von goneo.de zu ReHost24 habe ich mich von meinem (in der Szene extrem populären) Tumblr Blog getrennt und hoste meinen Blog jetzt selbst. Wie immer war diese Entscheidung verbunden mit diversem gefummel und einigen gereizten Nerven, aber wert war’s trotzdem.

Die alten Links auf den Tumblr funktionieren momentan leider noch nicht, da werde ich mir noch was einfallen lassen müssen. Auch eine Suche steht noch auf meiner To do-Liste.

Bis dahin aber funktioniert das hier alles prima und ist grundsätzlich einfach viel toller.

April 3, 2014

ColorClock screensaver

Time and color, combined into a screensaver!

This Mac OSX screensaver displays the current time and its RGB-color equivalent. In 24 hours the red-value goes from 0 to 255, the green and blue values do so in 60 minutes/seconds.
So at midnight you’ll have black and at 23:59:59 you’ll have white. And in between you’ll find every other color in the RGB-spectrum.

This is not my original idea. I saw a flash version of this concept a few years ago and rebuild it with javascript. You can find the original here.
The Mac OSX screensaver wrapper is from this project. See the readme.md for licensing.

The screensaver is available with either Helvetica Neue or a monospace font (Menlo).


If you don’t have a Mac or just don’t want to use a screensaver, you can visit the web version here (monospace) and here (Helvetica).

Tags: colorcsshtmljavascriptMac OSXrgbscreensaver
February 12, 2014

Gehacktes für den ARD Mediathek Download (HTTP Live Streaming .ts files download and merge)

Ein kleines php-Skript um Videos aus der ARD Mediathek (oder anderen Diensten, die HLS anbieten) herunter zuladen.

# How to use

– go to http://mediathek.daserste.de, open with iPad User Agent
– navigate to the desired program, get link to the master.m3u8 file from source (in the video-tag)
– run the script with url to the master.m3u8 file as argument (e.g. php get_tshls ‘http://http://hls.daserste.de/i/…/ios.smil/master.m3u8’
– wait for the script to download and merge all media files; every 10 second part is about 3 MB (when it’s done, it will output the runtime)
– if necessary, convert the *.ts file with a media converter eg. handbrake to a *.mp4 file
– enjoy

Tags: ard mediathekcatgehackteshlsHTTP Live Streamingmergephpscriptts
December 29, 2013

ASCII Converter for Alfred 2

This is another little workflow for the Alfred Powerpack



With this workflow you can convert a string of characters into their ASCII code values and vice versa.
You can convert from and to hexadecimal, binary and decimal.
The results will be displayed as soon as you run the workflow and copied to your clipboard when you press enter.

You can either enter a string or just use your clipboard content.

ASCII converter


This extension is written in AppleScript and does not require an internet connection to work; the conversion is done inside the script and does not rely on an extern service.


If you experience any problem with this extension, found a bug or have feature request, hit me on twitter.

Version 1.1
-fixes a rather stupid bug where the conversion for hex would not be in hexadecimal, but in hexal

Version 1.0
-rewritten as an Alfred 2 workflow
-detection of input


March 19, 2013

Control Notification Center and Growl.app from Alfred.app

An Alfred v2 workflow to control Growl.app and Mountain Lion’s Notification Center.
You’ll need version +1.3 of Growl.

You can use the following keywords:

Show the current status of Growl and NotificationCenter : stat
Pause Growl and Notification Center : pause
Resume Growl and Notification Center : resume
Pause or resume Growl : growl
Pause or resume Notification Center : notificationcenter
Close all Growl notifications : close_growl
Close all NotificationCenter notifications : close_nc
Show Growl’s rollup : show
Hide Growl’s rollup : hide
Enable Growl’s incoming network : enable
Disable Growl’s incoming network : disable/
Restart Growl : restart

Just download this extension, install it and it’s ready to use.

If you don’t have Growl installed, you can just download the NotificationCenter only version of the workflow.

(Growl and NotificationCenter)


(NotificationCenter only)

This extension is written in AppleScript and uses the Shell.

If you experience any troubles with this, hit me on twitter.

-support for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite
-you can now download this workflow in two versions (one with growl, one without)
-added support for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks’ new security features
-added support for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
-now rewritten as an Alfred 2 workflow
-added option to close all pending NotificationCenter items

If you don’t have the Alfred Powerpack or you don’t want to use Alfred for this task, you can either extract the code from the workflow file or just ask me for the source.

March 16, 2013

How to build your own Memomail

If you are fortunate enough, you might already have your twitter archive.
And if you set up Tweet Nest on your server, you might enjoy this little php snippet.

This is basically a more usable version of Memolane’s Memomail.

It fetches the tweets from 1, 2 and 3 years ago from your Tweet Nest via curl, removes everything but the header and the tweets and sends you an HTML mail.

You can set this up with a cronjob for automatic mails.

This snippet is roughly commented and not documented.
I just wanted to share this for you to build upon.

Kudos to:

February 3, 2013