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Gehacktes für den ARD Mediathek Download (HTTP Live Streaming .ts files download and merge)

Ein kleines php-Skript um Videos aus der ARD Mediathek (oder anderen Diensten, die HLS anbieten) herunter zuladen.

# How to use

– go to http://mediathek.daserste.de, open with iPad User Agent
– navigate to the desired program, get link to the master.m3u8 file from source (in the video-tag)
– run the script with url to the master.m3u8 file as argument (e.g. php get_tshls ‘http://http://hls.daserste.de/i/…/ios.smil/master.m3u8’
– wait for the script to download and merge all media files; every 10 second part is about 3 MB (when it’s done, it will output the runtime)
– if necessary, convert the *.ts file with a media converter eg. handbrake to a *.mp4 file
– enjoy

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December 29, 2013