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How to build your own Memomail

If you are fortunate enough, you might already have your twitter archive.
And if you set up Tweet Nest on your server, you might enjoy this little php snippet.

This is basically a more usable version of Memolane’s Memomail.

It fetches the tweets from 1, 2 and 3 years ago from your Tweet Nest via curl, removes everything but the header and the tweets and sends you an HTML mail.

You can set this up with a cronjob for automatic mails.

This snippet is roughly commented and not documented.
I just wanted to share this for you to build upon.

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February 3, 2013

Share current song on Twitter via Alfred

This extension is no longer supported.
I recommend this extension by David Ferguson.

With this extension you’ll be able to share the song you are currently listening to on Twitter via Alfred.

What you’ll need:

The Alfred Powerpack to install the extension.

console_tweet, a pretty useful ruby gem.

To install console_tweet:
Open Terminal and type:

$ gem install console_tweet

(You need Xcode or GCC to execute the gem install command.)
After installing type:

$ twitter setup

…and follow the instructions.

After the gem is ready, download the extension.

The extension is written in AppleScript and is localized in Englisch and German.
It uses growl to notify you about the tweet.

If you experience any issues with the extension, contact me via twitter.



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September 14, 2011