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Control Growl and Notification Center via

November 7, 2011

This extension is also available for Alfred 2.


Just a small extension to control and Mountain Lions Notification Center within
You’ll need version +1.3 of Growl.

You can use the following keywords:

Pause Growl + Notification Center : p/pause
Resume Growl + Notification Center : resume/r
Pause Growl : gr/growl
Pause or resume Notification Center : nc
Close all growl notifications : c/close
Shows the rollup : show/s
Hides the rollup : hide/h
Enables the incoming network : enable/e
Disables the incoming network : disable/d
Shows the current status of Growl : status/stat
Restarts Growl : restart/res
Settings : settings
Lists these commands : help/?

Or change them in the settings dialog:
Just download this extension, install it and it’s ready to use.



This extension is written in AppleScript.

If you experience any troubles with this, hit me on twitter.

-New icon, keyword and name
-The status dialog now shows Notification Center’s
-Resolved a bug where Notification Center wouldn’t react properly to the “pause” or “resume” keywords
-Moved the location for the settings plist (resolves issues with Alfred Sync)

-Added Notifications Center support

-Added notification after commands

-Minor bugfixes
-Changed help text

-Added command to restart Growl

-Added shorter keywords
-Added „status“-keyword
-Added an icon to the help and status windows

If you don’t have the Alfred Powerpack or you don’t want to use Alfred for this task, you can find the source code of the extension here:

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